LPG/NGL Recovery Unit

EAJV Technology offers skid mounted for remote locations and field erected LPG/NGL recover units using cryogenic expander and refrigeration processes.
EAJV has capabilities to provide the following services for Greenfield and Brownfield project:

• Front-end design packages
• Detailed Engineering & Design
• Procurement, including purchasing, expediting, and inspection services
• Construction services & management
• Project Management
• Commissioning & Startup services

The removed NGL can be separated into the individual products through the following fractionation processes.

• Deethanizer
• Depropanizer
• Debutanizer
• Butane Splitter

EAJV has the experience in mastering most softwares in order to ensure proper process efficiency.

Engineering Standards

EAJV uses and applies the following standards to all its equipment and systems :
• American Petroleum Institute (API),
• American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME),
• Tubular Exchangers Manufacturers Association (TEMA),

As well as other standards for piping, electrical and control equipment.

For more information contact info@eajv.ca