June 2017, Richmond Hill, Canada
EAJV signed a MoU to proceed on a EPCMF project for a 1,500,000 ton per year LNG plant in Middle East.

August 2016, Richmond Hill, Canada
EAJV and EK GTL, signed contract and finalized the finance to construct a 1,500 barrel per day GTL plant.

January 2016, Richmond Hill, Canada
EAJV and CAT CHEM developed a novel catalyst for fixed bed Fischer-Tropsch process.

October 2014, Toronto Hill, Canada,
EAJV is pleased to sing a MoU with Green Field Specialty Alcohol Inc. to develop a technology to convert biogas into jet Fuel.

January 2014, Richmond Hill, Canada,
EAJV is pleased to announce the sale of four skid mounted LNG plants in Africa each with a capacity of 100,000 Nm3 per day. The four units are scheduled to be in operation by the end of 2016.

October 2013, Hotan City, China
EAJV is pleased to sign a MoU with Xinjiang Investment Co., Ltd to proceed on a 4000 barrel per day GTL plant in China.

16-19 April 2013, Houston, Texas.
EAJV to attend the 17th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG17) in Houston, Texas.

9-11 April 2013, Cartagena, Colombia.
EAJV to exhibit and present its LNG and GTL technology at the 3rd Colombia Oil & Gas Summit & Exhibition in Cartagena, Colombia.

November 2012, Bogota, Colombia.
EAJV presents its LNG and GTL technology during the Oil & Gas Fiera in Bogota, Colombia.

July 2012, Ahmedabad, India
EAJV Technology Inc. opens subsidiary in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The new company EAJV Pvt. Ltd. will process all procurement from India for the EAJV group as well as market the CNG, LNG, GTL and hydrogen technologies of the group in India.

June 2012, Calgary, AB, Canada
EAJV exhibits at the Global Petroleum Show and presents its LNG and GTL technologies to the oil and gas industry.

June 2012, Caracas, Venezuela
EAJV and Fibratank of Caracas, Venezuela, sign an exclusive representative agreement covering Columbia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

April 2011, Richmond Hill, Canada
EAJV is pleased to announce the sale of one Hydrogen PSA package with the 6,000 cubic meter per hour capacity to CTT.